About Uffda Design Co.

Uffda Design Co. (pronounced OOF-dah) is the design studio of Tim Dredge, an experienced graphic designer, illustrator, and creative professional based in Austin, TX by way of Memphis, TN. Uffda Design Co. specializes in brand development, graphic design, illustration, and identity creation.

Being a small business owner, entrepreneur, or social activist can be a challenging adventure and here at UDC we love working with folks like that to help them discover and develop their brands and visual identity. Combining simplicity with a sense of humor, UDC’s goal is to create purposeful brands that truly represent the character of our clients. The hope is for our work to exist comfortably between modern and nostalgic, allowing the brands and people we work with to wow audiences for years to come.

If you were wondering, Uffda is an exclamation or interjection of Norwegian origin expressing bafflement, surprise, dismay or even joy (don’t worry about the dismay part, we’re going for joy around here). Was also the name of my Mom and Grandparent’s cat that had a tail that couldn’t grow hair in a spot where a car had run over it. Uffda!

Interested in working with Uffda Design Company? 

Email us at info@uffdadesign.co.